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Children of the Holocaust
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Children of the Holocaust – Our animated documentary series with BBC Learning

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Our animated documentary series made with BBC Learning based on interviews with World War Two Holocaust Survivors from Leeds Holocaust Survivors Friendship Association.

A series of 6 x 5 1/2 minute animations plus 2 minute interviews.

You can watch these here 

These are also being shown on BBC2 as part of the schools Learning Zone and are to be shown on BBC 4 during the 7oth Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz commemorative programmes.

These can only be viewed currently if you are in the UK, as we are in negotiations with broadcasters and educationalists overseas to distribute. Please direct any sales enquiries to at SND Films.  If you would like a preview copy please email

Here are Fettle’s animations designed and directed by Zane Whittingham and animated by the Fettle Team, combined with short live action interviews made by Tim Baxter and Liz Molyneux.

Ruth Rogoff

“My father took us all over the mountains leaving everything behind and went to Prague.Hitler marched into Prague in March 1939.  My father realised he’s on a wanted list.  So he left my mother and went to Poland.It was extremely difficult for my Mother to be left alone with two small children.  Street by street, Jews were cleared and any moment it was probably our turn.”


Martin Kapel

“In 1938 when I was 8 years old, there occurred what has become known as the Polenaktion.   Early in the morning, we were all sleeping in our beds.  The Nazis entered our flat.  We were going to be taken away.”


Trude Silman

“I have a wonderful photograph, a class photograph of all of us here.   It’s something which is a great pleasure to look at, but also extremely sad.  Because unfortunately, the Germans killed many, many children. One and a half million innocent children were killed during the Holocaust.  Why should innocent people, just because they were Jewish, be killed for no reason at all?   And I look at these faces, I don’t know who survived and who didn’t.   I only know that I survived.”


Heinz Skyte

“The Nuremberg Laws which came in, in the autumn of 35, legalised the anti-Jewish measures.   We were no longer allowed to go to cinemas and theatres and be members of clubs.  As a child, of any age, to be excluded from your peers is a blow. You feel inferior. And you question your existence.”


Arek Hersh

“I was fourteen.   In the wagon was only a very small window. It was hot.  We were so cramped, we couldn’t even sit down.  Some people had some water, and some people didn’t.   After 2 days and 1 night. Through the wagon I could see SS Men with dogs, barbed wire, electric fences. We’d arrived in Birkenau, Auschwitz.”


Suzanne Ripton

“Slowly, slowly, my Life changed.  The first thing we couldn’t do, we couldn’t go out.  You started to hear noises that you hadn’t heard before.  It was really scary sometimes.   As I understand it now, we were occupied.  And all the shouting and the carrying on you could hear outside was soldiers.”