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Children of the Holocaust
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Comments from the Japan Prize Jury

Japan Prize 2015, International Contest for Educational Media

We were delighted to have received another precious parcel from our friends at the Japan Prize!

Japan Prize envelope

In it was the report from this year’s events full of pictures and details from their conference and events.

Here’s some of the introduction to the report “NHK established the JAPAN PRIZE as an international contest for educational programs in 1965.  Over the past half century, excellent entries, which could be likened to crystals of passion and dedication from producers and researchers have been submitted from around the globe.  They have come together in their belief in the power of media, and offer avenues for a better future through contributing to education,.  These ideas have been disseminated to the world through the JAPAN PRIZE. In this 50th year milestone since its establishment, 339 works and proposals were entered from 55 different countries and regions and over 500 people in total participated in the events.”

Japan Prize Report cover

We were particularly pleased to read the Jury Comments on our winning entry Children of the Holocaust written by Jacqueline Hlongwane.

“In it’s inaugural year, the Special Jury Prize is awarded to Children of the Holocaust for its high production values and inspiring qualities whilst delivering a rich and enlightening educational experience for a young audience.

The film beautifully interweaves impressive conceptual animation together with raw emotional storytelling to bring to life the past and present with great sensitivity and honesty. Using first-hand and personal testimonies, the film recalls in detail inhuman and traumatic experiences of “the children of the Holocaust”.  Now in their twilight years, “the victims” recount the brutality that they and their families endured during the Holocaust.  History and knowledge are passed on to the next generation, thus building bridges and fostering understanding between the young and the old.  The story of the Holocaust has been told many times but the jury found the visual treatment and approach of this film quite innovative, refreshing and emotionally engaging.”

Thankyou to everyone at the Japan Prize for such kind words and congratulations to all involved in making this happen.

Japan Prize Fettle Jury comments