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Why Animation?

It’s official – Animation makes you clever!

Animation is an ideal way to make complicated ideas easier to understand for both adults and children.

As a visual medium, it sticks in the memory really well and is a brilliant way to grab people’s attention.

Animation can go where a live action camera may struggle – it can show something that doesn’t yet exist, the inner workings of things, express abstract concepts and fly around space and time to link together ideas.

The use of humour and visual metaphor also helps convey ideas in a fun and effective way.

Animation can also put over sensitive subjects in a non-threatening and age appropriate way, as our recent multi award winning Holocaust series demonstrates.

It can be used to present research material in a dynamic way, as a revision aid, a way to sell goods and services, something to engage the emotions and really make people think – oh and it can make you laugh too!

Are you still unsure of what we mean?  Check out this animation by our lovely friend Martin Pickles, who talked our animation hero, the late, great Bob Godfrey and animated his words of wisdom about animation and what it can do! We just love this clip.  Hope it will get your creative juices flowing …

We’re always looking for new projects to work on and new people to collaborate with.

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