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Say It with Animation

Check out our new promotional video.  Say it with Animation.

We’re reaching out to businesses, organisations and charities looking to give their digital communications a little extra sparkle!

Producer Kath Shackleton, takes 90 seconds to show you what Fettle can do to help your organisation.

Some ideas ….

You could

  • Bring your company logo to life, to explain to new customers more about what you do
  • Create an animation to help visualise a new product or service
  • Sell your goods by demonstrating exactly what they can do
  • Create motivational and inspirational animated training materials
  • Produce a celebratory animation to mark the achievements of a project, your staff or your organisation
  • Start a campaign to get people thinking differently about an important subject
  • Present research material in a dynamic and imaginative way
  • Create an animated keynote to stimulate discussion at a conference or event
  • Finding something hard to explain?  Make it simple with an animation!

You can have a bespoke, tailor-made animation for your organisation in less time than you might think!

Our versatile and talented artists will work with you to create something really special, branded to meet the needs of your organisation.

Do get in touch for a free, no-obligation quotation. 

Examples of previous work

Here’s a small sample of previous work we have made for other organisations. We hope this will whet your appetite – all things are possible!

A pan-European research project into water resistant surface technology


Apprenticeships in the construction industry

Becoming an apprentice. We made both of these videos simultaneously in English and in Welsh. Here’s the welsh …


Animation to raise awareness of children whose parents are in prison.  Made simultaneously in Dutch, Italian, Finnish,  French, Norwegian

One of the language versions – Norwegian


Cloud computing – brought a company’s logo to life to explain how their service works


Financial management – made poetic with the help of broadcaster and eloquent Yorkshireman Ian McMillan!