Award winning 2D Animation Studio based in Yorkshire, UK

Refugee Week Animation 2019

“You, Me and Those who came Before”

Animation commissioned by Counterpoint Arts for Refugee Week 2019

Animated poem to celebrate the contribution of refugees to British culture and raise awareness of the reasons why people seek asylum in the UK.

Stories told with a few cups of tea!

Made in consultation with local refugee groups  DASH (Desperate Asylum Seekers Huddersfield), Sanctuary Kirklees and Kirklees Council and Yorkshire Spirit’s Carry My Story Project.

More about Refugee Week and our project  here

You, Me and Those Who Came Before

It’s a challenge being a refugee,
trying to live up to those who came before,
And learning how to drink your British tea.

The climate’s hostile, surely you agree?
It never rains, you complain, but it pours.
It’s a challenge being a refugee,

though we now have a flat with our own key,
no longer dread the knock upon the door
and getting used to cups of British tea.

You too, at times might feel the need to flee.
No one knows what their life has in store.
It’s a challenge being a refugee,

keen to prove how useful we can be
to a welcoming community like yours,
inviting us to take a cup of tea.

Thank you, that fewer nightmares there will be:
no more nocturnal images of war.
It’s a challenge, being a refugee,
though easier when sharing your British cup of tea.

Julian Jordon 2019

  • Director, Animator and Designer Zane Whittingham
  • Producer Kath Shackleton
  • Animator Ryan Jones
  • Writer Julian Jordon
  • Voiceover Lladel Bryant
  • Music Haymanot Tesfa
  • Counterpoint Arts Tom Green
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