Award winning 2D Animation Studio based in Yorkshire, UK

Mr Shapeshifter

We are excited to present Mr Shapeshifter our new animated drama – our first ever fully lip-synched production!

We worked with GW Theatre Company and writer Mike Harris to turn a touring issue based schools production into an online animation, which has just been launched in schools nationwide.

Mr Shapeshifter controls all the stories in the world, including the one Jack and Jess are stuck in.

The only way to escape is to turn his story into their story…but how can they do that when Jess hates Jack, and Jack can’t even remember what his story was?

Two very different kids band together to defeat a manipulative super-villain who wants to steal their childhood so he can live forever.

Mr Shapeshifter is a contemporary fairy tale for 10 – 11 year olds about the ways some adults abuse childrens’ trust and how children can protect themselves.

“The vision for the Mr Shapeshifter project has always been to reach as many 9-11 year old children as possible and to make a significant contribution to help keep them safe from sexual exploitation and abuse.”  Dave Jones GW Theatre

We also used stills from the film to illustrate a book based on the show.

There is a package of resources available to help teachers in schools to work with this important subject.


  • Director and Designer Zane Whittingham
  • Producer Kath Shackleton
  • Animation and special effects Ryan Jones
  • Composer Jamie Salisbury
  • Writer Mike Harris
  • Mr Shapeshifter Dave Jones
  • Jack Julie Clays
  • Jess Jen Clays Jones
  • Funding Police and Crime Commissioner West Yorkshire
  • Award Best Animation Royal Television Society Yorkshire 2019
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