Award winning 2D Animation Studio based in Yorkshire, UK

BBC Bitesize Primary History Series

Here’s a series of 20 x 2 minute animations we made for 5 – 7 year olds to help them to learn about significant people in history.
We looked at characters from ancient Boudicca up to modern day Stephen Hawking, what they did and how their legacy has affected us today.
We’ve included scientists, nurses, monarchs and leaders, explorers, writers and civil rights and social activists.
Special thanks to Ryan Jones who designed all of the characters.
Thanks to all the team involved and to Screen Skills for providing trainees to assist on the project.
Here’s links to each film

  • Designer/Art Director Ryan Jones
  • Director Zane Whittingham
  • Producer Fettle Kath Shackleton
  • Writer Rick Goodwin
  • Writer Jayne Kirkham
  • Voiceover Amanda Huxtable
  • Background artist Laura Tattersfield
  • Education Consultant Alf Wilkinson
  • Storyboard/Animation Mal Hartley
  • Animation Kev Baldwin
  • Animation Ged Haney
  • Editor BBC Bitesize Oonagh Jaquest
  • Producer BBC Bitesize Sorcha Clifford
  • Assistant Producer BBC Bitesize Delphine Desard
  • Assistant Producer BBC Bitesize Caroline Ashcroft
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