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Children of the Holocaust
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News of our graphic novel

We are delighted that Survivors of the Holocaust, our graphic novel, published by Franklin Watts is continuing the success of our award winning animated series Children of the Holocaust by receiving recognition in it’s own right!

It’s been exciting transposing our animation into a different medium, we’re so pleased that people seem to be enjoying our graphic novel and that it’s going down so well in the literary world.

Latest news is that we’ve been nominated for a School Library Association Information Book Award and made the longlist for the UKLA Book Award.

Last year, it was also listed as one of the 100 brilliant non fiction books for children as part the Federation of Children’s Book Groups for National Non Fiction November 2016.


It continues to get great reviews

I love this. It’s such an important book. It tells such moving stories that it had me in tears. Every school and every child should have access to these stories so that they can remember the Holocaust and ensure it never happens again.
The stories are really moving. They are told with the simplest of pictures, and simple block capital letters but such heart breaking stories of human courage.” Amazon

This arrived for me to review a few days ago. My ten year old son picked it up yesterday afternoon and started reading it. He was absolutely engrossed. He said: ‘Mum, it’s good…well, not good, but…powerful.’ We read it together today and I answered his questions and we discussed the stories in the book and thought about what we would do in those situations. The graphics are amazing, the stories are beautifully told and the book is of the highest quality. Great reading list, time line, synopsis and wonderful photos of the real life people the stories are about. It is destined to be a classic and deservedly so.”  Amazon

“The visual narrative provided by strong, deceptively simple illustrations makes for a truly emotive and haunting read and one which must not be forgotten. This very accessible insight into a most piteous time in our history would be perfect for any school library or book shelf.
One of our favourite parts of this unfurling and sadly real story is that we get to see what happened next to each of the people we follow in this book. We get to see them as they look now and how they go on to create successful and happy lives once again.”  Picturebook Blogger


Word is spreading  as new editions have been published!

Here we are in French









































A big thankyou to the Hachette Children‘s team at Franklin Watts for their excellent work in promoting this.

Thankyou once more to our real life survivors from the Holocaust Survivors Friendship Association for their courage and generosity in continuing to tell their important stories.