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New collaboration with GW Theatre

Mr Shapeshifter GW Theatre

Fettle have begun an exciting new animation collaboration with GW Theatre, who specialise in educational productions for children and young people.

We are working with GW Theatre and writer, Mike Harris, to adapt their latest touring schools’ show aimed at 11 year-olds, into an online animation.

The play, “Mr Shapeshifter” tackles the sensitive subject of child sexual abuse, through a “modern fairy story”, using a metaphorical situation to help children to safely explore important issues.

Mister Shapeshifter is a super villain. He can change his appearance at will. 

He has one aim: to lure children into his ‘Super Magic Story World Studio Workshop’ and steal the childhood out of them so he can live forever.

When he lures eleven year-old Jess there, only Jack can save her.

But Jack is one of Mister Shapeshifter’s previous victims, and as a result, is bullied and lonely and angry.

To save Jess, Jack has first to save himself and then together, he and Jess bring The Shapeshifter to justice.

The play aims to entertain, inform, and safeguard children against risk and danger in real life and online and to provide stimulus for teachers and other adults to discuss with the children who see it.  The play is making a proven contribution to keeping children safe from child sexual abuse and exploitation.

In collaboration with the theatre company, we have adapted the script to make it more suitable for animation and recorded a brand new soundtrack with the original actors.

The actors have relished the challenge of becoming animated!

Writer, Mike Harris, has brought a few new twists to the storyline to bring it into the online world.

Special music is being composed by Gary Langley to give this drama and sparkle.

Here at Fettle, Zane Whittingham and Ryan Jones are busy designing and working on the production.

We’re exploring a cornucopia of new animation techniques, including lip synching, motion camera techniques and special effects.

It’s exciting for us to be working on a fully theatrical production.

The play was commissioned by a group of local authorities (Oldham, Rochdale, Oxfordshire, Calderdale, South Tyneside and Bradford) and the animation and book have been commissioned by West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester Police Authorities.