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My Life: Marvellous Messy Minds

We were broadcast on Children’s BBC!

We’ve worked with Nine Lives Media and CBBC to create animated elements for a new children’s documentary about Mental Health.

My Life: Marvellous Messy Minds features three inspirational young people and their practical experiences of conquering their mental health problems to achieve what they want from their lives.

It’s been filmed, produced and directed by the brilliant Kelly Edgson Carroll, and overseen by executive producer Cat Lewis and CBBC’s Kez Margrie.

We’ve animated young people’s descriptions of how their mental health problems make them feel, to make it easier for others to understand what it is like on the bad days when anxiety and depression take hold.

We’ve made animated versions of the young people to help bring their descriptions to life.  We’ve also tried to bring a little gentle humour to an often taboo subject.

We’ve really enjoyed working on this.

Do let us know what you think!

Check us out on BBC I-Player!

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