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Little Jokers – new animated Children’s YouTube Channel

It’s been an exciting time for us here at Fettle as we have launched Little Jokers, our new Children’s YouTube channel.

We’ve gone back to our roots, exploring good old-fashioned timeless comedy!

We’ve recorded our friends’ children telling their favourite jokes, lots of giggles and animated them in a bid to go viral across the internet!

  • Why do seagulls fly over the sea?
  • What do you get from a nervous cow?
  • What do you call a man with a car on his head?

You’ll have to wait for the answers to these …

Where to find us …

We release a new joke every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So check our YouTube channel , Twitter and Facebook feeds for updates!

This has been great fun.  The children and their families have really enjoyed being involved.  It’s been great to capture the energy of their young voices in our recordings and to spread their infectious enthusiasm online.

We hope that the channel can appeal equally to cheeky children and adults who like a good giggle, and that the jokes will be fun to share and embed on different websites and social media platforms.

Behind the scenes

Even after hearing the jokes many, many times, they still make us laugh! We can’t wait to do more of these, they are great fun to animate. We’ve developed a set of simple, yet colourful characters that put across the humour really well.

Fettle’s own Ryan Jones has directed the series and animated them with the help of four fabulous interns Rebecca Young, Grace Parker, Nina Noon and Chiara Moreni over the summer.

We’ve made a channel trailer explaining what we are up to …

Our success now depends on YOU! Please watch, share, subscribe and get your friends involved.

We are also inviting children to send in their own recordings to be animated – more information the Little Jokers website

Please follow us – here are the links!

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