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Fettle headline at the Big Chip Awards

Fettle Director Zane Whittingham has brought the creations from his sketchbooks alive in a brand new animation for Manchester Digital‘s Big Chip Awards!

Zane’s darkly humorous characters all flock from across the North to come together for the awards.

Zane said

“The ident was inspired early cinema’s Mitchell and Kenyon, when they  filmed workers coming in and out of Lancashire factories and mills.

These were at the forefront of the economy back then, much as the Creative Industries are now.  I wondered what a futuristic, digital version of this might look like.

My sketchbooks are filled with odd creatures which blend animals, humans and machines, so this project has been great fun for me to work on.

It has been fabulous to see my work realised on such a big scale at the Awards Ceremony.”