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Children of the Holocaust
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“In this graphic novel-style book six people recount their experiences of the Holocaust during World War II. As Jews, they were each persecuted by the Nazi regime, even though they were only children at the time. They retell their stories here: of what it was like to be in Nazi-occupied countries, of being in hiding, of escape or internment, and of what happened next.

Simple text is complemented by compelling imagery to create a very powerful set of stories – the graphic novel approach is extremely effective at conveying the storytellers’ feelings and the strange new world springing up around them.

It is a deeply thought-provoking, impactful book that will provoke much discussion among readers, serving as both an introduction and an extension to this important period of our collective history.”

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“From Germany and Poland to London and on to Leeds and Coventry, both the physical and mental journeys are witnessed through the eyes of these six Jewish children who narrowly escape persecution by the Nazis.

The visual narrative provided by strong, deceptively simple illustrations makes for a truly emotive and haunting read and one which must not be forgotten. This very accessible insight into a most piteous time in our history would be perfect for any school library or bookshelf.”

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“Destined to be a classic”

“My ten-year-old son picked it up yesterday afternoon and started reading it. He was absolutely engrossed. He said: ‘Mum, it’s good…well, not good, but…powerful.’ We read it together today and I answered his questions and we discussed the stories in the book and thought about what we would do in those situations. The graphics are amazing, the stories are beautifully told and the book is of the highest quality. Great reading list, timeline, synopsis and wonderful photos of the real-life people the stories are about. It is destined to be a classic and deservedly so.”

“Must read stories of human courage.”
“I love this. It’s such an important book. It tells such moving stories that it had me in tears. Every school and every child should have access to these stories so that they can remember the Holocaust and ensure it never happens again.
The stories are really moving. They are told with the simplest of pictures, and simple block capital letters but such heartbreaking stories of human courage.”