Award winning 2D Animation Studio based in Yorkshire, UK

Ryan Jones


Ryan has worked with Fettle over the last two years.

He graduated from the University of Glamorgan in Cardiff in 2013.  Whilst at University he won two ‘Glammie’ awards, ‘Most promising First Year’, ‘Best 2D Third Year.’ He was awarded the Division of Animation and Visual Effects Prize for BA Hons animation at University of Glamorgan’s Graduation ceremony 2013. His second year film, ‘Good Day Bad Day’ was showcased at Melbourne International Animation Festival 2013 and his third year film ‘Showtime’ was nominated for a Royal Television Society Wales student Television 2013.
He has prior experience at Dinamo Productions, Fixer’s UK, A Productions and Wonky Films.
“I feel lucky every day to get to come into work and do what I want to do –  I love the thrill and challenge of  animation, of bringing a world to life, the freedom of being able to create anything that pops into my head, and making something that can provide entertainment to others.
There have been such a wide variety of projects that I have worked on in the two years since first starting,  but the highlight I guess was seeing Children of the Holocaust do so well, going worldwide, making an impact, topped off with getting the opportunity to go to the Children’s BAFTAs and the Royal Television Society Awards. It felt like an opportunity that I didn’t think I would get, especially this early on in my career, so to get that and to see something that you have worked on do so well is a real honour.”