Animator Zane Whittingham set  his own special Olympic Challenge – to create as many short animations as he could during the London 2012 Olympics.

He’s made a grand total of 7 short animations in just 2 weeks.

Zane is a huge sports fan – so all of the competitive spirit and sporting excitement of the Olympics spurred him on to push his animation to new heights.

He’s made animation in a few days that previously might have taken him several weeks to complete.

He’s brought creations alive from his sketchbook, into a series of 20 second animations, each starting with an Olympic sport, but ending in a surprise surreal twist.

For Fettle Animation this is a chance for the studio to reach out to the widest possible audience and make connections with others interested in creating original animation.

The full collection can be found on the Fettle Animation You Tube Channel

Zane has also posted some of his sketchbook drawings on his blog at

A press release with further information here

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